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Session Overviews

Evening Session

Every night, Thursday through Monday, Troopers Bingo in Casper, Wyoming offers close to 40 exciting bingo games and chances for you to be a Winner! For as little as $18, you can play all of the games. Not only will you be playing for guaranteed cash prizes, but you’ll also have chances at jackpots that range from $200 up to $5,000!


We also play event games every night, have nightly door prize drawings, and have a wide variety of pull tabs—so there are even more chances to win!


We have packs already set up to get you started that include many of our games.

Evening Pack Prices:​
#1 Pack: $13
#2 Pack: $22
#3 Pack: $27

These packs are built around the number of 6-on Doorbooks (base games) you may want to play. Additional games/items you will probably want to include: Red Speedball, Double Action, Early Birds, and Drum & Bugle Number ($1 each). And don’t forget your event game tickets!

Download the Evening Session Format

Saturday Matinee Session

Coming Back Soon!

Blacklight Session

The latest craze in bingo takes place every Friday night as we turn off the lights and kick on the Blacklights! It’s a new, fun, and lively way to look at your favorite game! With 20 games, we’re offering even more chances to win every week!

Evening Pack Prices:​
#1 Pack: $10
#2 Pack: $19
#3 Pack: $28

These packs are built around the number of 6-on Doorbooks (base games) you may want to play, and all you need is to add $1 for the Drum & Bugle Number and you are on your way!

Download the Blacklight Session Format

House Rules

  • All Bingo Players, Pull Tab Players, & Guests must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Smoking and vaping are not permitted within the building or within 10 feet of any building entrance.

  • Courteous and respectful behavior is expected of all our guests - this includes turning cell phones off or to vibrate/silent, avoiding loud and/or constant conversation during games or talking on cell phones, and other common courtesies.

  • Appropriate attire (shoes must be worn), hygiene, and language is expected of all guests at all times. Flashboards & monitors are for convenience only.

  • A number is not valid until called by the caller.

  • The last number called must be present in the bingo pattern.

  • If you have a bingo, you must yell loud enough to stop the caller or be able to signal the caller. If the caller proceeds on to the next number, your bingo will become invalid.

  • The ball number supersedes any caller/mechanical errors.

  • The Drum & Bugle # is played on Doorbook games only.

  • Players must be present by 8 pm for the evening session, 1:30 pm for Matinee Session, 11 pm for Blacklight Session.

  • Winning Pull Tabs must be redeemed during the session in which they were purchased and may not be taken off the property.

  • All decisions by management are final.

House Rules
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