To Our Valued Patrons & Friends...

We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding with our re-opening. Please realize that some of these changes are only temporary, but the health and well-being of our patrons and staff are of the greatest importance to us.

PLEASE, if you are feeling ill or are experiencing any concerning symptoms, stay home. This policy is being followed by the staff as well!

TIME CHANGE: Doors Open @ 5:30PM (Early Birds @ 6:30PM / Main Session @ 7PM / Session will be done earlier, but we aren't quite sure how long it will take yet.)

Evening Sessions ONLY at this time (Matinee & Blacklight Session will be brought back at a later date)

Guests are encouraged, but not required, to wear masks. (For your protection, staff will be wearing masks.)

Seating is limited, but we should be able to accommodate most players following these parameters:

  • Customers are asked to maintain 6 foot distancing at all times.

  • Seating will be limited to one side of each table, preferably from the same household.

  • We will not be taking any reservations at this time.

  • All guests must be at least 18 years old as seating limitations will not let us accommodate children at this time.

  • Guests need to take all belongings with them after each session to allow for proper cleaning.

  • PENDING: We are working on a possible option to play bingo from your car ~ starting at a later date ~ in order to accommodate more players. We will keep you posted as these details may develop.


Please allow 6 foot distancing at sales registers (floor markings are in place to assist you).

We have made some adjustments to our Evening Session Format. In addition to shortening the length of our session, these changes will help us better serve our customers until we can return to our regular sessions.

  • Some games have changed, so make sure you grab a disposable format sheet.

  • We have restructured the session to have only one intermission.

  • Within the modified format, jackpots have been temporarily protected & replaced. Once seating limitations are eased up further, jackpots will be returned to their saved amounts.

  • We will replace our nightly drawings with a single (optional) nightly drawing. Slips for this drawing can be filled out at the sales register and will ask for your name and phone number. (Note: In the event that there would be a future need for contact tracing, this optional information will be shared with the local health department.)

  • For customers who do not want to handle cash while at the hall, they can purchase our in-house, prepaid "Cash Cards”. These can be used to buy used throughout the hall for any purchases and minimize most cash exchanges.

Although we encourage you to enjoy our concessions, you can always bring in your own food & beverages. Concession offerings will be slightly limited until we can fully replenish our inventory. Deep fryer items will not be available until June 18th.

All coupons that were not yet expired as of March 16th will be honored through July 31st, 2020. Certain restrictions may still apply.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If your birthday occurs between March 16th and July 31st, 2020, you have until July 31st to play (provided it is on or after your birthday) and receive your birthday coupon (which is good for your following visit).

In addition to some of the new changes, Troopers Bingo had already made some proactive changes that will remain in effect:

  • We’ve increased the frequency of cleaning procedures at high touch point areas, such as door handles, tables, touchscreens, & counters.

  • We no longer reuse the bags we use to sell bingo packs - please dispose of them at your table.

  • If you borrow a pen to use, please take it with you and leave it at your table. We will pick-up and sanitize at the end of the night. We are no longer able to provide “loaner” daubers.

  • All used trash can liners are being disposed of after every session.

  • We’ve enhanced our own hand cleaning procedures and need for you to continue to do the same! Hand sanitizer dispensers are mounted at both entrances and outside the restrooms.

  • Customers may no longer bring in their own cups for drinks. After initial purchase, drinks refills are still available, but we ask that you keep your lid and straw and we will either bring you a new cup or offer a contactless refill.

  • Cover mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing with a tissue and then dispose; or cough into your elbow, NOT your hand. If you are prone to allergies or chronic coughing, please plan accordingly, as disruptive spells of sneezing or coughing may be addressed by staff.


We look forward to seeing you all again very soon!